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Large companies have IT departments that help them select technology, install and manage it. They train employees, provide desktop support and fix systems that break.

Most small companies cannot afford to have a full time IT person, let alone an IT staff with varying abilities. So how do you manage the technology in your company? In too many cases, the answer is: not well, or by the seat of your pants.

Properly managed IT can enable your company to grow faster, provide better services to your customers and improve your bottom line. As a small business you need to be able to focus on your business rather than spending time focusing on your IT needs. That is where CWS Tech Group can help. Our highly trained staff can manage your IT needs so that you can manage your business.

For less than the cost of hiring a full time IT member you can have our complete IT staff. We work with experts in all areas of your IT needs. We can provide all of your IT needs or we can work with your existing providers to accomplish your business goals.

When it comes to business computer issues CWS Tech Group is your complete solution.



Hourly or Contract Services


CWS Tech Group can work as an hourly or contract IT service provider. This means that if you just need a little help or a lot we are willing to work with you and your budget to aid in your business success.


We offer basic hourly rates for onsite and in shop computer work. Our hourly rates are competitive with our competition. What we do that many of them do not…we do not charge if we do not fix. And yes, this includes onsite work, as well as, our in shop services.

            Contract – Prepaid

If you are looking for discount rates and do not need scheduled maintenance, then our prepaid service agreements are perfect for you. CWS Tech Group offers prepaid contracts in 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80 hour increments. The more time you purchase the lower the hourly rate. You can use the time anytime you need.

            Contract – Monthly

Interested in being proactive? Do you want more than just a break/fix relationship with your IT company? Then our monthly contract is for you. Our technician will visit your site either monthly, or weekly if needed. CWS Tech Group will repair what needs to be repaired. In addition CWS Tech Group will provide preventive maintenance and remote monitoring. Our monthly contract can be adjust to fit the needs of your company.



Contracted Service


Do you want reliable service for your computer equipment? Tired of hearing that it is someone else's fault and that your technician can not fix your problem for you? With CWS Tech Group as your IT solutions provider, you will not hear those responses. 

CWS Tech Group can act as your IT department. What this means is we find the solutions for you. With your permission, we will contact your various service providers and work with them to solve your problems. We often work with Charter, Verizon, Century Tel, and other phone, Internet, software, email and web hosting providers. We have training on several of the common printers and copiers. We know what to say and who to talk to. Often we have a better understanding of what they are asking for and how to follow their instructions which will ensure a quick resolution of your problems. 

CWS Tech Group has technicians available 24/7 to ensure that your business keeps running day or night. 

Our technicians have experience in the IT industry ranging from small business environments to corporate systems. We have experience in field service, in-house support, and configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining new or existing Information System devices, among other things. Our experience includes working on PCs, networks, Windows-based servers, peripheral, printers, RF bar code scanners and production equipment. 

We offer several service contracts for on-site support. These range in price and time available. Our contracts can be customized to suit the needs of your company. 

Please give us a call and we will send one of our sales staff to help customize your coverage to properly support your business.





Networking is more than just running wires. It is an essential part of setting up your home or business communication process. If your business has expanded to the point of having several computers and workstations, we can provide a network solution. We can handle the job from the ground up or add on to your existing network. We can install everything from the premise wiring, setting up routers, to installing and supporting the servers. 

One very important part of networking is security. However, many people come up short on protecting themselves by improperly (or not at all!) securing their networks. There are a few precautions we can take for you to ensure your network information stays secure. The installation of a simple firewall can improve your networks security, efficiency and decrease your number of service calls. 

Our technicians have expertise at premise wiring Cat5 and Cat6 wires, HP Procurve switches and hubs, Cisco, Netgear, Dell and Linksys routers, hubs and switches. We have experience in file sharing and server operations with a variety of different server platforms and file sharing on most Windows and Mac operating systems. We have worked with Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012 servers, including using active directory in the newer Windows server operating systems as well. We are experienced and we are qualified. 

All of this will translate to a properly working and secure wired or wireless network for your home or business that you can trust and rely on.



Remote Monitoring Service


CWS Tech Group offers a remote monitoring service for your business systems. Our software will monitor your systems for any issues with hardware or software. We will also monitor for any viruses. 

We can monitor all of your workstations or just your critical systems. 

Remote monitoring allows us to respond to problems before they become problems. This saves you time, money and loss of data.



Remote Repair Service

Along with our remote monitoring service we offer a remote repair service.

As long as the computer or server can connect to the internet CWS Tech Group can fix many problem remotely. Being able to perform repairs remotely, significantly decreases repair times and save you the cost of an onsite repair. Often we can identify problems and repair them before the user even knows they are there.

CWS Tech Group can also complete most routine maintenance and updates remotely. Again, this saves on onsite service calls.



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