Are you happy with your current WiFi?

Are you happy with your Current WiFi network? Setting up a business or large area WiFi system is not the same as setting up your home WiFi. A typical home WiFi router can handle 5-20 users. Properly configured business WiFi system can handle hundreds (or even thousands) of users.

Let us inspect your WiFi network.

A CWS Tech Group technician will come to your site at no cost or obligation. They will perform a basic evaluation of your existing WiFi network. We will check for coverage area, signal strength and interferenc issues.

After the inspection is done you will receive a brief evaluation write up detailing our findings of your WiFi network.

Let us give you a detailed recommendation for your WiFi network.

For a small fee that is applicable towards your new WiFi network, one of our experienced WiFi technicians will come to your location and do a detailed site inspection and evaluation. We will use our state of the art WiFi analyzer to make sure that your new WiFi System will perform as promised. Your property will be inspected for physical obstacles that can cause interference of your WiFi Network. These may include things like trees, concrete walls, steel structures, etc.

We will also look at your specific needs and wants. With our detailed questionnaire we find out what your needs and expectations are for your WiFi network. Our trained staff will examine this, and with our experience and knowledge, CWS Tech Group will make recommendations to ensure that your WiFi systems preforms to your expectations.

What do you get with the detailed recommendation?

  • A detailed report listing any potential causes for interference.
  • A site map listing recommended locations for access points.
  • A list of recommended networking equipment. (note – we only list type not brand or model)
  • A list of recommended optional equipment.


Aren’t we just giving you a price quote? Why do we charge for this service? Well the short answer is no, it is not just a price quote. Some of our biggest competitors will simply take a blue print or aerial image of your property and assume there are no other points of interference. We have seen this back fire. There may be a cluster of competing WiFi networks that can cause interference. You might have physical barriers that are not visible on the drawings or photos. In extreme case where we are unsure of signal penetration we may choose to preform signal strength test to ensure proper performance.  

Please keep in mind that the full cost of this service is applicable to the installation of your new system if you choose to purchase thru CWS Tech Group. Also that since we have done a complete evaluation of your property we can assure you of your new WiFi system success. So much so that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. (See our guarantee for details)


Our installation team is knowledgeable and experienced, not just in networking and WiFi, but also in construction. With this combined experience our installs a quick, clean and professional. We understand that a good WiFi system is not just effective but should look good too.

Minimal Downtime is experienced whenever possible when CWS Tech Group installs a new WiFi system. When possible we install your new system in parallel to your existing system. We take the steps we can to make sure your existing system is not interrupted until we are ready to cutover to your new system.

What separates us from the National Companies?

Well for one, we service what we sell. One of the better known national companies boasts “complete wireless management”…the truth, well yes they will “manage” your WiFi network, but who is going to repair it when it goes down? Who is going to climb up the 16 to 20’ pole and replace the access point? Guess what… you are. We know from experience that they will ship you the parts but then you will be expected to replace them. When your equipment needs replaced or serviced CWS Tech Group will be the ones climbing the pole. At most we will ask your to unplug and re-plugin a device.

What about an onsite presale evaluation? Our leading competitor promises “engineers will listen to your needs, examine your site’s characteristics, and propose the best solution for your guests”. Well first off they do not set foot on your property until it is time for the installation. A CWS Tech Group technician will come onsite, before we quote you a price, and do a complete site inspection. This inspection includes looking for other WiFi systems that can cause interference with yours.

The WiFi System will be design specifically for your location and needs. CWS Tech Group will actually listen and meet with you face to face. We will go over your requirements, tell you what is feasible in your price range, and deliver what is promised. We will make recommendations based on your wants and needs, but also on our experience for what works and what you will need in the near future.

Indoor and Outdoor Systems

CWS Tech Group services and installs both indoor and outdoor systems. Whether you have a single office or multiple building campus or if you are an RV Park or campground, we can help you to design and install a WiFi System that will meet your needs and expectations.


Because CWS Tech Group does our due diligence before we make our proposal, we offer a 90 day full refund guarantee. If within 90 days of the completed installation the system does not preform as promised we will remove all of the equipment and return you payment.

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