Proactive Remote

Maintenance Service


Being Proactive is just as important when it comes to your computer as it is any other tool you have. Computers operate their best and most efficient when they are properly maintained. 


How does this work?  Our Technicians install a small program on your computer. This program connects back to our secure server and monitors your computer for issues and errors. Once a week the server sends out a set of commands to your computer to clean it up. The full list of tasked preformed by the cleaning are listed below. This cleaning process removes unneeded and unwanted files, deletes your recycle bin and defragments your computer. In short it does basic house cleaning of your computer to keep it neat and organized. 

The system also monitors your computer for issues and errors. Many of these issues can be corrected by our system automatically. When an error is detected that our system recognizes it will run a self healing script to fix the issue. If the problem is not one it recognizes or cannot fix by itself; it will send us an email alerting us of the issue.  Our staff will then remote in and resolve the issue. Many of these issues can be fixed without interfering with your work, or play.


Cleaning Service – Once a week our servers run a series of scripts to clean your computer. We remove temporary files created by website, programs and your computer. We empty your recycle bin as well. We check for windows updates (only installing the ones we know will work). Flush your DNS (this is the directory for websites) and defragment your computer. This weekly service helps to keep your computer running smooth and efficient. 


Windows Updates – Windows updates are very important, but which ones do you install and which ones do you avoid. With the proactive plan, only the updates we have tested and approved get installed. These updates are installed automatically once we have approved them. 


Remote Desktop Support Included in this service is 30 minutes of remote tech support.  When there is an issue that cannot be resolved automatically, one of our technician will remotely connect to your computer and resolve the issue.  We have found that this is more than enough time to handle most issues that our customers encounter.


Antivirus Protection Also included in our service is an antivirus solution. This solution is built on the BitDefender's antivirus engine. This antivirus service will alert us to any virus issues on your computer; and in most case resolve problem. 


License Key Discovery In the event your computer does have a catastrophic event, one of the hardest things to recover are the license Keys for your software. You hope you still have the disks, and which one goes to which computer? Our system records the license keys for the software on your computer. So in the rare case we have to completely restore your computer, we do not have to go searching for the license keys.




Services Included 

Cleaning (performed weekly)

• Remove Downloaded Program Files

• Remove Temporary Internet Files

• Remove Offline Web Pages

• Remove Debug Dump Files

• Remove Old Check Disk Files

• Empty Recycle Bin

• Remove Service Pack Backup Files

• Remove Setup Log Files

• Remove System Error Memory Dump Files

• Remove System Error Minidump Files

• Remove Temporary Files

• Remove Temporary Windows Installation Files

• Remove Unused Thumbnails

• Flush DNS

• Disk Defragmentation

Task Management

• Patch Management (Windows)

• Scheduled Automated Script Execution

• Self-Healing Automated Procedures

• Software Distribution

• Application Compliance

• License Key Discovery

• Remote Desktop Support


Management Services

• Remote Repair 30 Minutes

• Antivirus Protection


• Full Monitoring

• Asset Monitoring

• Connectivity Monitoring

• Patch Status Monitoring

• Warranty Monitoring

• Event & Security Logs

• Windows Services

• Windows Processes

• Traffic Monitoring

• Custom Services





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