PC Clean-Up

Occasional maintenance for a computer is a necessity that is often overlooked. There are a few routine procedures that will make your machine run smoother and faster.

A CWS Tech Group technician can perform any of the following services: defragmenting your computer, applying updates from Microsoft, checking for viruses and spyware, making sure anti-virus programs and anti spyware programs are up to date, as well as making sure your computer is in good general working order. We will also install an anti spyware program to help protect your computer from unwanted pop-up ads and to help keep programs from sending information from your computer over the Internet. We will also include an anti-virus program to protect you from damaging viruses that can cost you time and potentially wipe out your information.

With this service, we offer a performance guarantee. If your computer has system or operating problems within 90 days of the last maintenance check, then one of our service technicians will repair it for you; if it is a spyware or virus problem, it will be done free of charge.

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